American Marvel Programming Success Stories

Dominque Steele - UFC/Pro Fighter

"For the past 2-3 years, American Marvel has been a big benefit not only to my MMA career but also to my everyday life. There were times when I felt like everything was lost and that I wouldn't be able to make a comeback; I thought maybe it was just a pipe dream, and I was lacking a lot of confidence. I was angry at the world and with myself for not doing what I loved to do. Then I spoke with Mark, and he not only took me on as a client but also guided me from the world of everyday clocking in and clocking out to the one where I could blow up the time clock and stop when there was nothing left in the tank. From sled push/pulls to total max box squats, I couldn't do it without Mark and the American Marvel programs. I may not be the fighter I once was, but I'm a better person knowing that Mark and American Marvel are there in my corner, and that is the action-packed truth."

Tyler Westlund - Pro Jujitsu/Senior Level Wrestler

Mark has completely transformed my training approach, turning it around by 180 degrees. I have never felt more prepared for competition throughout my entire career. In the past, my weight training was often restricted due to my injuries. However, since joining American Marvel Programming, I have been able to perform all exercises and follow training protocols, thanks to Mark's personalized adjustments to accommodate my injuries. He truly is the finest in the business, and I owe my current position in my wrestling career to his expertise!

Andy Lewis - Pro Jujitsu

"At 40 years old, I hit a troublesome road for many years. I love the weight room and am a head coach for a high school wrestling team in my community. I am still grappling in BJJ and my mind wants to lift heavy, roll with my athletes, and compete in BJJ. However, my body just couldn't handle the workload. I experienced constant soreness, nagging injuries, and would often feel downright tired. It felt like I was at a standstill. I was hard-nosed, hard-headed, and stuck in my ways. To be honest, I wasn't knowledgeable enough to know what I should and needed to be doing.

I was introduced to Mark by a close friend. In our first discussion, he not only tried to understand me and my circumstances, but he also wanted to understand what I was trying to accomplish. He wanted to build something specific to me and my goals in grappling. Moreover, he wanted to design a program that would help, not hinder, any injuries or nagging issues. Every Friday, without hesitation, I receive a personal guide to that week's workout. It is complete with a mobility routine, instructional pictures, and description references to help me understand exactly what he wants. Mark is timely, checks in regularly, and genuinely cares about the results. The programs he provides test me physically and mentally, building upon each other weekly, and they are never the same. I feel explosive and strong again in the weight room and on the mats. I feel a change. I see a change. And I wouldn't be here without Mark and American Marvel Programming!"

Paul Schommer - Pro MMA Fighter

"American Marvel Programming will help you build layers of athletic muscle upon athletic muscle. Working with Mark is a breeze, as he effortlessly adjusts to my personal goals and any restrictions I may have during training or fight preparation."