• 2012 and 2016 U.S. Olympic Trials Qualifier (4th place at 2012 U.S. Olympic Trials)

  • 2015 Team USA National Team Member

  • 2013 University Division Greco-Roman World Championships: 5th place

  • 3x University Division Greco-Roman National Champion

  • 2x Junior Division Greco-Roman National Champion

  • 1x FILA Jr. Greco-Roman National Champion

  • 1x FILA Cadet Greco-Roman National Champion

  • 2x Illinois IHSA All-State Wrestling

  • 4x Illinois Greco-Roman State Champion

  • 4x Illinois National Dual Team Member

Get to know the Founder/CEO Mark Stenberg:

"Hello, I'm Mark Stenberg, and I'm thrilled that you're interested in American Marvel Programming. I started this programming business to help those who were once like me, the most dedicated and hard-working individuals in the room, but did not have access to the coaching and knowledge necessary to achieve their full potential. My potential was once stuck until I was blessed to receive world-class coaching, which I earned through hard work and dedication. This coaching accelerated my career and brought me lifelong friendships that I'll never forget. I want to pay it forward by offering you the same blessings I received. At American Marvel Programming, we're committed to helping you achieve your full potential and reach your goals. As a combat sports enthusiast and someone who competed at the near highest levels of Greco-Roman wrestling myself, I know the importance of having the right training program and support to get the results you deserve. That's why I'm committed to helping individuals all around the world reach their goals. When you join American Marvel Programming, you have my promise that you'll get your money's worth and much more. I don't just want to be your coach, I want to improve your life and treat you like family. So come and join our community of dedicated athletes and let's achieve greatness together!"

Our Motto:

The goal of American Marvel Programming is to help every athlete reach their greatest possible potential and make big dreams come true. American Marvel was created for people like me who are the big dreamers and always the hardest workers in their environment, but do not know quite where to acquire the tools and knowledge necessary to achieve peak athletic performance. At American Marvel, we create appropriate programming for athletes that will consider and take into factor your ability to recover, number of competitions each year, muscle imbalances/weaknesses, aerobic/anaerobic demands, size, age, sex, and so much more. Every athlete will receive the upmost respect on a personal level and can reach out for consultation, ask questions, and seek technical assessment whenever they feel necessary. Once you join American Marvel Programming, you become part of a family of like-minded individuals who are heart driven to be who they have always dreamed to become. Hold fast and stay true to the American Marvel in you.

The meaning of American Marvel Programming:

The name comes from a great love for America – The Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave. Therefore, the word American is dedicated to every current/former Armed Service member who risked or sacrificed their life to protect our country and preserve our freedoms, First Responders (police, firefighters, doctors, and nurses) who run towards danger while others may run away, and every person striving for their version of the American Dream. The word Marvel is dedicated to those who have ever dreamed of becoming the Superhero in their own life and seek to conquer adversity to make themselves and the world around them a better place. Just as every Superhero must do.

Get to know the man who is helping make this all happen for you:

Juan pablo urizar

Video / Marketing Specialist

Pablo boasts an extensive career in Taekwondo, having been a member of the Guatemalan and Mexican National Teams for several years. Following his retirement from professional athletics, he channeled his dedication in a new direction and joined the American Marvel Programming efforts. Now, he supports passionate athletes by editing digital content that is used for our top quality strength and conditioning programming.

When he's not coaching or training, Pablo can be found skateboarding, and he's also one of the most talented live singers and guitarists you'll ever see perform. We highly recommend making time in your schedule to catch him live when he comes to a city near you.